Mad Scientist Halloween Party

10:31:00 AM

Happy Halloween everyone! My family really, really loves Halloween. As far back as I can remember, we’ve had an annual Halloween party that kids looked forward to for the whole year. Now that I’m the adult planning our celebration, I want to be sure that the kids in our family enjoy the parties as much as I did as a child. We go all out for these little ghouls - games, prizes, bounce house, arts & crafts, piñata, goodie bags, costume contest, and enough candy to last them all year.


My mom and sister usually take care of the food and I setup the party area, buy all of the kids goodies & crafts, make desserts, and create a fun table display. The past couple of years I’ve been creating a Mad Scientist / Spooky Apothecary dessert table that is perfect for Halloween. I start by stacking whatever small wood fixtures we happen to have on hand and cover them with creepy cloth and moss to create the base. On top of these, I place glass beakers, assorted animal skeleton props, anatomical prints, skulls, and specimen jars to create a spooky vignette.

 On the table I lay on lots of candy in Halloween colors and my homemade desserts. This year, I made white chocolate mice,  vampire fangs, and eyeball cupcakes.

I'm usually so busy prepping that I don't have time to dress up, but this year I had a few extra minutes so I put something together quickly. Pinterest came to the rescue to guide me through easy deer makeup to go with a pair of antlers that I picked up from the Target dollar bin. Not bad for my first try!
It was such a fun party and all of the kids left completely exhausted. Tonight we're celebrating Halloween with a little trick-or-treating. What are your plans?

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