Tween Boho Birthday Invitations

10:45:00 AM

The first step in planning this year's slumber party was to come up with a theme and color palette. This year Chloe has been loving soft pinks, corals, and blues. After the colors were chosen, we immediately thought of dreamcatchers and a tribal theme. Every time I host a party, I have a custom invite made.  ETSY is a great source for tons of custom, printable invitations. Turnaround is usually quick, and invites can be printed from home or at your local FedEx or Staples. I wanted to keep the invitation itself simple and clean because it was so pretty, so I whipped up an additional insert on photoshop with more party information. It's always a good idea to remind girls to pack their pillow & sleeping bag for slumber parties and to let guests know that even if they are not able to sleep over, they are still welcome to attend the party.

I pulled the invitations together by attaching coordinating cardstock, tying them together with twine and feathers, and decorating the envelopes with washi tape. Once all of these elements were chosen, the feathers and flowers seemed to remind us of a summer music festival, and Chloe came up with the name "Chlochella." Genius, right? LOL. We thought it would be fun to have custom wristbands made to include with the invitation - the guest's "admission" to the party. Fun, right?


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