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Hi there! I'm so excited to start sharing & interacting with all of you.

Like most moms, I have a running to-do list in my mind with at least 20 tasks that I need to (or would like to) get done. I thought a blog would be great place to organize and document my projects, crafts, travels, cooking, and everything in between that brings me joy on an everyday basis. 

I'm a Los Angeles based event planner and mom of a tween daughter.  As a mom of tween, I really want to focus this blog on raising kids of this age. So many IG feeds, blogs, and sites focus on the littlest of the littles - so I'd like to create a platform where the parents of older kids can share their experiences and tips with one another.  With that being said, I know that I'm constantly rushing my mini from dance class, to piano, to swim practice, and then back home to do homework and to whip up a quick and (hopefully) healthy meal. So, most of my updates will probably be done on Instagram because it's the quickest and easiest form of social media to keep up with. Please follow along with me there too! - you can find me at @agaveair.

I'm also a Pinterest and ETSY addict, and always try to figure out how to make and customize the items I'm currently crushing on. Every now and then I may post items I've made on my ETSY page to share with all of you.

Above all, I LOVE learning from fellow moms, cooks, crafters, gardeners, and designers. If you have something you would love to share on the blog, please contact me!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope to meet you soon!

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